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Historic of the SATAC

What is SATAC ?

SATAC is a non-political, independent union, the sole purpose of which is to defend the interests of TSEEACs. Apart from defending the individual interests of its members (promotions, job changes, disputes with the management, etc), its objective is to ensure that the interests of the entire body of TSEEACs are preserved.

SATAC is fighting for recognition of the technicality and of the ever-increasing responsibililies exercised by TSEEACs.

How was SATAC created ?

In 1986, in the course of an investigation of all the Public Functions, the AUROUX working party, together with the existing unions, carried out a thorough analysis of the technical bodies - except for the TACs, due to lack of time.

In 1987 based on this incomplete analysis, a projected agency was devised and proposed: the body of TACs was then placed with the administrative staff.

In that same year, several TACs created the association ATAC, in order to assume control of their own future.

DGAC and the existing unions had, in fact, fallen into the habit of negociating and making changes affecting personnel while constantly forgetting the existence of the TACs.

They very quickly came to realise that an association has no means of making itself heard and decided to form a union instead, SATAC being born in February 1987.

How has SATAC evolved ?

The first elections in which SATAC were involved took place in 1988 i.e. a year after its creation.

What is its representation ?

SATAC, apart from the figures, has always been the spokesman with DGAC concerning the TACs, the TEEACs and now the TSEEACs.

As an example, it alone negotiated with the administration, outside protocol 91 (not signed), the improved status of TEEACs being examined and its legal grid. The representation of SATAC has advanced with its activities and in 1994 it became, quite naturally, the leading union for TEEACs, obtaining 3 seats on the TEEAC National CAP. However, many people hoped that the link-up of TACs and TETs in 1993, a year before the CAP elections, would ,prevent SATAC from becoming the leading union for TEEACs.

In fact the past made SATAC the natural representative of the only NATA channel.

Who does SATAC represent ?

It represents the complete body of TSEEACs. In fact, as a union, for the TSEEACs, could it hope to advance the personnel which it represents while " forgetting " one part of that body.

All the TSEEACs are civil aviation technicians and this is thus the reason why SATAC has not changed its name - apart from the fact that that name is well-known both at DGAC and in the various ministries.

It is noteworthy that the number of TE members of SATAC is constantly rising.

How does SATAC function ?

SATAC is administeled by a national headquarters consisting of twelve members. They are responsible for implementing the policy decided at the Annual General Meeting, at which all members have the chance to speak.

In order to maintain closer links with the " shop floor " and with the TSEEACs, SATAC relies on regional representatives. These latter form the link between the members and the national headquarters and settle local or regional problems.

What actions does SATAC take ?

It is completely focussed on the recognition of the functions exercised by TSEEACs and on the proper revaluation of the body.

It is to this end that SATAC, having obtained access to the TSEEACs, is working for an increase in the number of TSEAAC Subdivisional Heads and is very active in the question of " shared posts with enginneers ". It is also applying itself to having the Flight Information Service in the CRNAs provided by the TSEEACs of the BTIVs.

The latest advances achieved by SATAC are:

  • a better organisational pyramid to allow promotion
  • the enlargement of the functions giving access to the job status of Departmental Head
  • the increase in the operating bonuses for aerodrome controllers
  • the holding of promotion CAPs in the spring
  • the change of calling in TSEEAC (civil aviation superior technicians).
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